3 Easy Steps For Creating Email Filters In Outlook 2013

July 22, 2013

Tired of getting meeting requests for things that you have no intention of ever attending? Me too! Luckily, rather than just grumble and moan, there’s something you can do about it!

1. Find the button you need to press.

Seriously, this is the hardest step. I found Googling this surprisingly unhelpful due to the fact that Outlook seems to move its buttons around every time a new version comes out, and I kept looking for the word “filter” rather than “rule”. Anyway, first, to make step 2 easier, find an email of the type you want filtered and select it. Then go to** Home -> Rules -> Create Rule**.


2. Decide what you want to filter on.

Now you just have to select the criteria you want to filter on. If you took my advice in Step 1 and selected an email of the type you want to filter, it should already have some useful suggestions filled in for you. Remember, the criteria are additive, so all must be satisfied for the email to be filtered.


3. Decide what you want to do with it.

Now you just need to decide what you want to do with you filtered message type. If you don’t care about it, send it to the Junk Mail folder. Maybe you’re on multiple projects and you want to sort incoming emails into various folders… you can do that too! As a bonus, once you hit “OK” to create the rule, it’ll then ask you if you wish to apply the rule to all messages in your current folder.


You can always play around with the Advanced Options if you want to try something fancy, but this should at least let you filter out emails you don’t care about!