All I Want for Christmas

November 21, 2012

So… the blog battle topic is “All I Want for Christmas”. I’ll ignore all the obvious things (world peace, time with family, a straightened out financial system, etc).

So what do I want?

  • Something to benefit me at work: Four more software interns for next summer. Sure, we’ve got four so far, but I’m hoping to get eight total. We’re planning to do things a little differently next summer and improve on our already-great intern experience.
  • Something to satisfy a pet peeve of mine: A redesign of the Kickstarter crowd-funding web site. The interface is ok if someone points you at a specific project. But I like to browse and just see what types of things are out there. This is painful when there is no option to sort / filter by launch date to see what is new. (For those of you that have never checked out the site, I highly suggest you take a look, there are some amazing things there).
  • Something that is just for fun: A LEGO Super Star Destroyer. I just need to make sure it doesn’t smash into a LEGO Death Star. 😉