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Helpful Mobile Development Libraries: Alamofire and SwiftyJSON

Since my first post about ZipGet, other Swift programmers have published some nifty libraries, namely Alamofire and SwiftyJSON. Alamofire comes from the makers of AFNetworking, a ubiquitous and handy networking library for iOS. Unlike AFNetworking, though, Alamofire is written completely in Swift. SwiftyJSON does not boast as illustrious a pedigree as Alamofire, but it greatly […]
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If you build it, they will find zip codes

I’ve written an app in Swift. Put simply, the app helps you find zip codes. Enter a city or landmark, pan and zoom your way across the globe, or center on your current location to see a zip code. If a friend has ever given you his credit card to use at a gas station, […]
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Checking into Swift

In the interest of learning Swift, I undertook one of the exercises catalogued on—“Data Munging,” involving some simple file parsing. The first thing I learned? Regular expressions in Swift, which are really just Objective-C regular expressions at this stage, are remarkably unintuitive. I come from JavaScript, where regex literals and uncomplicated functionality make using […]
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