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A Developer in a Designer Hat

I want to share a client project in the form of a journal entry after you have a chance to gloss over the infographic. The focus is on how our team was formed and how we managed roles and responsibility for design in a new way. I had a hard time writing this post at […]
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Design Studios With A Team

Why Use Design Studios? Design studios by definition vary from place to place and shift when the participant roles and sizes are different. Since design studios are used to culminate to a team-agreed user interface (or close to it) approach for a user story task(s), the scope can be altered, depending on the need. You […]
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The Potential Of Role-Inclusive Designers

When we were in elementary school, most of us were disengaged or restless when our teacher switched subjects to one that wasn’t enjoyable nor personally easy to learn. Then, in middle school, some of us really needed to take a long bathroom break during that one class with that one teacher who seemed mad, hard […]
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Designers + Developers: Why We’re Better Together

I want to start by sharing that I was inspired by the infographic below from InVision to write this. This may appear at first to be a silly and hunky-dory post about family-like co-worker relationships in the office. While I agree I am writing with this sentiment, I want to show how enriching and successful […]
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My Process to Design Simplicity

I read John Maeda’s book The Laws of Simplicity*: Design, Technology, Business, Life* a few months back because I was able to get it for free with my trial Audible subscription, and it seemed like the answer to some current problems I was having at the time. It seemed like a sweet win considering the […]
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Starting Full-Time At A Place That Is Hard To Define

I knew I could grow there—fast. That’s how I respond when asked why I chose to work for SEP. Subsequently, my co-workers later told me they felt they ‘just knew’ I was a fit for this culture and the work we do here when I asked them why I was chosen. Knowing which job to […]
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Why I Like Being A Interaction Designer

You know when people say, “I can see you as a (insert career title, oftentimes a common one and easy to define, here).”? Well, I never got Interaction Designer in that insertion. I discovered that I wanted to be a interaction designer not because it was a choice in a career questionnaire test or looked […]
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