Elliot Yesmunt

Software Engineer II

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How We Onboard Interns

If you are reading this because you’re thinking about applying for an internship here or have already accepted an offer, thanks for considering us! There are a lot of unknowns when starting a new job. Every company is different. I interned at SEP twice before hiring on full-time, so hopefully I can address some of […]
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Angular – Dynamically Loading External Libraries

The Setup: I am on a project for a fairly large client. There are multiple teams, and they all depend on each other to varying degrees. This client requested an Angular application with features which would essentially be sub-applications. A proof-of-concept (POC) was spiked out a few months prior, which dynamically imported one Angular app […]
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JSON Web Token Prevents Upgrade to Angular 6

The Setup This is a short episode of a software engineer’s experience with one node package bump-in-the-road upgrading to Angular 6. My team is building medical applications using Angular. Obviously, the application’s network transactions require a level of security. JSON Web Tokens, or JWT, is a package we depend on for secure network transactions. Here’s a brief overview […]
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