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CommunityHERO: A Lesson in Collaborative Design

Here at SEP, the PXT (product experience team) has been making a push for more collaborative design on the projects we’ve been involved in. By collaborative design I mean including not only designers, but engineers, product owners, and project managers in the design process. We’ve had success with it on several of our past projects, […]
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Why Does Every Pixel Matter?

Why is the UI designer making me move something just 1px over? Does that 1px even matter? The quick answer is yes, it does matter. I can give you the answer in design speak and say it’s all about balance, consistency, and maintaining the grid, but I don’t think that does it full justice. Below […]
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Visual Design for Mobile Apps: meHive Case Study

I don’t often get to share a behind the scenes look at my visual designs, to walk others through the iterations leading up to the version that actually is used. But now that meHive, a relationship management app a team of SEPeers built, has been retired, I thought this would be a good time to […]
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The 5 Senses in Software

Remember when the launch of the iPhone/iPad made interacting with software through touch truly ubiquitous? It was a magical moment for many people. Isn’t it funny how our children expect everything to be a touch screen now? Now we design and develop apps with touch gestures and the ease of tapping in mind. We design […]
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The Design Eye — Tool of the Designer Trade

One of the innate talents of a good designer in any design industry is having a good eye for design. But what does it mean to have a good eye for design? It’s one of those things that is hard to put into words. It’s part instinct that has been developed based on years of […]
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Tips for Designers Fresh Out of School

There are already a bunch of articles on the interwebs with advice for designers fresh out of school, so I wanted to share the technical skills I wished I had honed to perfection before embarking on my design career. Most of them are based around the Adobe Creative Suite. I apologize in advance if it […]
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Self Driven Development

One of the biggest challenges I have as a designer is how to stay fresh and creative over the span of my entire career — how to stay creative in the longrun. Part of my job is to stay on top of current design trends and to try and innovate where I can. However, trends […]
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Graphic Design in the Next 25 Years

So much has changed in the field of graphic design in the past 25 years, and I’m sure much will change in the next 25. Maybe we will be able to strap on some virtual reality goggles and design sans a traditional monitor. Or maybe interfaces will take on an Iron Man or Minority Report-like […]
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How to Fail Creatively

Every so often I find myself having designer’s block. The inspiration is just not there and my creative magic has been depleted. When faced with this block in the past, I would blindly  throw things against the wall and see what sticks. Often times the result is either off mark, ugly, or unoriginal. So I repeat […]
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