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Total Cost of Ownership: Choosing Between On-Premise vs. Hybrid / Pure Cloud

Inconsidering a deployment strategy a new development effort, two potential solutions should be evaluated: Deployment of software on client-controlled hardware residing on the corporate intranet A Cloud-based approach using Amazon Web Services Both approaches have their pros and cons and I’ll outline those in this post, but let’s start with a real client example first: […]
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Software Development in a Regulated Environment

Getting mission critical medical products launched to market means getting FDA approval. And these days that process often starts in software development. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the medical device market, with many constraints on developing products. First, it may be helpful to talk about the history of the FDA and its importance in […]
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Why consider a Data Warehouse?

The need to collect, store and analyze large amounts of data continues to increase in importance for businesses across all industries. Marketing agencies have led the pack in processing large amounts of data in order to gain consumers attention in a crowded space. However, virtually every other area is beginning to see the value in […]
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