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Invest with Pride : The Journey

“Love, Simon” a progressive romcom that tackles the hard truth of coming to terms with who you are, has a scene that asks the question, “Why is straight the default?” Thinking back on the scene, I had to question, why do I always have to “Come Out” in every social aspect in my life? The […]
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Meet the 2017 SEP Interns

  Elliot Yesmunt Software Engineering Intern School: IUPUI Major: Computer Science Project: Web-based suite of management tools “I really enjoy the teamwork here. It’s easy to get stuck on single problems for long periods of time when working by yourself in software. With a team, pair-programming and mob-programming can significantly cut down on the amount […]
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Finding a Job after College

Finding a job straight out of college, is like watching Inception for the first time, it makes no sense, and it takes a few times before you get it. You would think after spending four years at a University, that your place in the job market is quick and painless. Well you thought wrong, or […]
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