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There is more to it than code

There are activities — other than programming on client work — that are key parts of working in the software industry. If you work for a software company and you want to do, e.g. Ember.js work, you should be: Going to local Javascript meetups (networking, public speaking) Reading and writing JS blogs (professional development, technical […]
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Android Studio – Not Ready for Primetime

Android Studio is a new IDE that Google has released into Early Access Preview. It is based on the popular IntelliJ editor; the existing development environment relied on an Eclipse plugin. This was really exciting news for SEP engineers that have done Android development. In addition to more the powerful refactoring tools that come with […]
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Installing Open Source Android Libraries with Gradle and Android Studio

Android recently started advising developers to use Gradle as their build system for new projects. I don’t really keep up-to-date on the Java ecosystem – and I prefer working in dynamic languages – so I didn’t even really know what a “build system” constituted. All I could think about was nightmares from writing Makefiles in […]
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“Have It Your Way” Software

Have It Your Way is an iconic slogan from Burger King. Letting the customer pick and chose whatever toppings and condiments they want works really great when you are making burgers. Customization is good for the customer and the business. If BK only sold hamburgers with pickles, they would lose the business of anyone who […]
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The 30 Second Standup

Originally posted on Matt Swanson’s website The Three Pillars of Standup Meetings: What did you do yesterday? What are you doing today? What is blocking your progress? Everyone stands in a circle and takes their turn answering the questions. The whole meeting should last only a few minutes and gets everyone of the same page. […]
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Changing Plans

There is some friction between agile methodologies and the desire for upfront formal requirements that has really been bugging me lately. I often find myself wanting to have my cake and eat it too: I want clear and final requirements, but I don’t want to be forced to design an entire system upfront and drown […]
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