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How do I know if my idea is blog-worthy?

We at SEP know blogging is a Good Thing, both personally and for the company (recruiting, business development, etc.). Knowing what to blog about has proven to be challenging. (Really, we did a survey, the #1 response was not knowing what to write about.) We’ve tried some different things like blog prompts or blog battles, but have had […]
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How deep is your Kanban implementation?

Recently a co-worker and I had a brief discussion about whether we were using Kanban, or simply using a “task board” for visualizing our work. Kanban is so much more than only a board with columns, stickie notes, and scribbles all over the place. Kanban is a method, or an approach, to incrementally change/improve your […]
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Can you measure “quality”? (spoiler – yes you can!)

There are 3 main questions that I need to be able to answer in order to monitor a project. How many “thingies” can we get done each iteration? – a.k.a. Velocity yep, “thingies” is a technical term…the units of measure are neither man-days nor gummy-bears…they are just thingies how long will it take me to […]
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BoilerMake: A Weekend of Hacks, Hackers, and Dodgeball or a New-aged Career Fair?

I went to my first university-based hackathon: BoilerMake. A hackathon is straight forward, but BoilerMake was no simple hackathon. Students from across the country came together to build something/anything in one weekend. Projects ranged from modifying household electronics (microwaves that can respond to text messages, and robotic vacuum cleaners that can lay dominoes in a pattern), […]
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Android, Robotium and Spoon: A Practical Guide for Testing on Android Devices

Developing for Android is a lot of fun. It has actually become a niche for me here at SEP. Android has changed quite a bit over the past 3 years since I first started hacking on it – action bars, more screen sizes, and probably the biggest addition…fragments. But one thing certainly has not changed. […]
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Lighting up Continuous Feedback…

Co-worker 1: “Hey…is our Jenkins even running?”Me: “Uhh, yes? What do you mean?” CW1: “Well, I’ve pushed 3 different commits, and it hasn’t told me that the build failed.”Me: “Neat. Good job not breaking the build?” CW1: “Oh wait, Jenkins only notifies us when it fails, that’s right.”Me: “Right…but it would be better if we […]
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Beware of Metaprogramming…

A few Google searches will turn up many different conversations about Metaprogramming…covering the good, the bad, and the beautifully elegant implementations.(I recommend using “-ruby” to filter out all of the tutorials and books about Ruby’s implementation of Metaprogramming. For the record, this post is not about Ruby, at all.) Metaprogramming, as I’m using the term, […]
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3Q Book Review: The Return of the Mentor

The Return of the Mentor by Brian J. Caldwell and Earl M. A. Carter What’s the point? For me, this book really drove home 2 major points – new-comers benefit from a “guide” to help get over the hurdles of being new; seasoned folk can benefit from the energy that a new person brings. While […]
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Pants-less Driven Development – culture matters!

Here at SEP, we talk about our culture and our people…A LOT.  But we back it up with all kinds of events, gatherings, and trips.  These things typically involve food, but that is a common thread that many of us share – we like to eat, and eat well! One of my favorite events that […]
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