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“How to fail” – by avoiding failure…

Why do we, as humans, keep doing the same thing over and over again?  Albert Einstein would call that, insanity. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein The most common way that I see people failing, is by trying to avoid failure. By avoid, I mean […]
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My Ideal Software Project: 7 Values I Believe In…

At SEP, we have very diverse teams, clients, and projects. With all of that variety and diversity, comes a lot of variation in how projects are run. Almost every project, in my experience, has used different processes and techniques. I was recently inspired by one of my coworkers, Jennifer, by a letter that she wrote […]
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Constraints Driven Development…my favorite line of code

This post is inspired by the recent blog battle topic “My favorite line(s) of code” and a recent line of code that I was, literally, Laughing-Out-Loud at. (I apologize for disturbing any of my neighboring SEPeers.) Not the kind of laughing where you are like “man, what were they thinking!?!”.  This was the kind of […]
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“That wasn’t so bad…” – but why did we find so many dead-end streets?

SEP is having another blog battle, and this week my topic is “That wasn’t so bad”. Once upon a time, a teammate and myself were tasked with tracking down this gnarly bug. We had little-to-no steps to reproduce this bug, but we had both seen the bug with our own eyes. (And seeing is believing, […]
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You Won’t Know, If You Never Ask…

I was recently copied on an email thread where some requirements were discussed between a project lead (Bob) and the client (Fred).(FYI – the names are made up) Bob asked Fred about a specific requirement that read (paraphrased): The Error Indicator should display every 60 seconds. My next task was to add this indicator (the […]
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Test First Programming – It is kind of like Martial Arts…

Test-Driven-Development/Design (TDD) has been a hot topic of conversation in our office recently (lots of external and internal training about TDD). I think the biggest* “ah, ha”* for me, throughout these conversations, was that TDD is nothing more than a tool.  A very powerful tool that has numerous benefits.TDD is not, however, some silver bullet […]
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“Motion != Progress” – Code moves in 5 different ways…

Week #4 of the SEP Blog Battle 2012. This week our title was “Motion is not Progress”.  If you are making changes to your source code, then clearly your are making progress.  Right? Wrong. Code can move in 5 different ways – you can add functionality, remove functionality, refactor code, delete code, or leave the […]
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“Good Idea, Bad Idea” – I’ll have both please.

Week #2 of the SEP Blog Battle 2012. This week our title was “Good Idea, Bad Idea”. For me, this one is short and simple…I will have both! In our line of work, we are constantly solving new/different problems from yesterday. If I always settled with the first idea that came to mind, I would […]
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“I don’t have time” – because I didn’t take it…

Week #1 of the SEP Blog Battle 2012. This week’s title is “I don’t have time”.  First off, it has been great to see, and read, all of the activity that this blog battle started this year.  I am super excited to see others writing, blogging, and sharing their ideas.  It is fun! The phrase […]
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