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Product Engineering is like road construction…

Product Engineering is like road construction.  You have to satisfy the utility.  The utility of a road is pretty straight forward – I have to be able to drive my car from point A, to point B, without causing significant damage to my vehicle. Utility is your table stake. Without utility, you don’t have a product worth […]
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Git Extensions has some sweet new toys…

I use Git Extensions on a daily basis.  It is a great git interface for a mouse-lover like myself. Well, it looks like Git Extensions grew some sweet new toys that take advantage of Windows 7. If you haven’t played around with some of the advanced features in Windows 7, I highly recommend it.  The JumpLists […]
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“Overcoming Momentum” – laws of physics applied to software development…

Week #5 of the SEP Blog Battle. Read about it here. Follow us on twitter. Ever find yourself in a rut?  You just can’t crank anything notable out this week.  It’s so obvious that even your teammates start placing bets on the over/under of you meeting an estimate.  (No seriously, it’s that obvious, and it is happening […]
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“Weapon of Choice” – assumptions

Week #4 of the SEP Blog Battle. Read about it here. Follow us on twitter. My weapon of choice is an assumption. It’s so much more efficient for me to just assume I know what’s going on around me, and to move forward working with the assumptions I’ve made. Wait…are you still with me? Obviously that couldn’t […]
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“Engineering – Over/Under” – evolution…

Week #3 of the SEP Blog Battle. Read about it here. Follow us on twitter. Many times, I’ve heard the cliche – perfect is the enemy of good enough.  I agree with this, for some definitions of the phrase “good enough”.  But that definition changes for me. How do you define good enough?  My guess […]
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“Get Better” – make it uncomfortable…

The SEP Blogoff challenge this week was to write about getting better.   I had to think a little about this.   I mean, there are some good reasons that come to mind immediately – career growth, introspective challenges, helping others.  While these are great reasons for me to get better, I’m still limited by my personal […]
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SEP Blog Off…

So, a few of us here at SEP are having a friendly (yet competitive) blog off with the intention of getting in the habit of blogging. The prize is simple – bragging rights.  The competition is even more simple, because I’m going to win. You can read about it over here on @_swanson’s blog. During some […]
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“The Applebee’s of software development” – we aren’t your neighborhood waiters

This phrase, “The Applebee’s of software development”, really rings home with me.  We are not waiters!  We are extremely bright and helpful problem solvers (who happen to be passionate about software).  With that being said though, we do know how to follow instructions.  But that’s not how you get the biggest bang for your buck with […]
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Patterns for Getting Your Ideas Heard – BrownBag

Here at SEP, we have some pretty awesome engineer-led sessions…book clubs, academy courses, and [brown bags](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_bag_seminar) (just to name a few).  Recently, I gave a brown bag on a topic that I am excited about – getting your ideas heard.  I wanted to give this brown bag for a few reasons- I heard a common theme […]
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