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Get a list of Months by Locale in Android…

I was working with a client trying to decide on long and short DateFormats for an international mobile application.  (Yes, that’s a mouthful.) I wasn’t able to quickly find any documentation on the Java SimpleDateFormat strings by locale…so I did what any Passionate Programmer would do, and I wrote a method to do it for […]
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Android Handler, in a nutshell…

The most basic way to handle multiple threads is to use the standard Java threads.  I won’t cover those in detail in this series; however, there are some good docs and examples online to help with those. By default, Android apps run solely in a single thread – the UI Thread.  For most applications, this […]
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Too many options for Android threads? Let me help!

As smartphones continue to gain popularity, the demand for mobile applications also continues to grow.  The increase in usage of smartphones elevated the issue of “multitasking” on mobile devices.  (I’m not going to go into details of my opinions on the myth and illusion of multitasking.) Ultimately, users want to have multiple applications running, syncing […]
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3Q Book Review: Persuasive Business Proposals

Persuasive Business Proposals by Dr. Tom Sant What’s the point? The point of this book is to write clearly and concisely, to differentiate yourself, and to better equip yourself with tools for writing persuasively.  Ultimately, this book is designed to help you and your company write winning proposals. How was it? Good.  I honestly felt […]
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Today Mt. Hood Was Stolen!

Today is the day that I stopped thinking about doing something new, and started actually doing it.  I’m talking about Ruby on Rails. I wanted to learn something outside of my comfort zone (not too difficult for an embedded guy to get out of his comfort zone).  I tried to learn Ruby once before, but […]
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Variety is not an option…

Many times I hear that people want a variety, and that variety is a good thing.  With everything – food, work, exercise, hobbies, etc. It dawned on me this morning that in the past year at work, I’ve worked on an embedded C project, dabbled in C# and .NET, done some LabView work, evaluated a […]
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How do you decide!?!

Lately I’ve found myself digging deeper into Heuristics. This is FASCINATING to me! I’ve been reading more and more about different ways that humans make decisions, and it continues to amaze me. Today, I was talking with Chris at work about completely un-related topics, when it occurred to me that I was framing, or “anchoring“, […]
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Conversations in Outlook…

If you’re anything like me, you probably get a TON of email each and every day. In addition, you probably get emails that span a conversation over multiple days. Well, Outlook 2010 has this amazing feature called, Conversations. This will transform your inbox to look/feel more like a threaded forum (or, more like your gmail […]
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Story first, then design…

I had my first opportunity to apply some of my recent training on discovery and usability.   I had a very short stint on an internal project, where I got the chance to perform some design work on a new calendar integration feature that was going to be implemented.  The feature was so new, and so undefined, […]
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