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running an effective meeting

Keep Your Team Organized with the ART of an Effective Meeting Checklist

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no escaping meetings. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to transform a meeting from a waste of time into a purposeful gathering. Laying the groundwork before, running the meeting efficiently, and knocking out action items after the meeting can make all the difference. At SEP, we follow a framework called […]
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6 Reasons to Love SEP’s Employee Ownership Culture

If you know SEP, you know we care a lot about our work. But we care even more about the people we work with. We’ve always been this way, but launching our ESOP in 2010 brought employee ownership culture to the forefront of our business. It strengthened the connection between SEP and its people even […]
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Adding a Design Practice at Lessonly – a Podcast Recap

On this episode of Behind the Product, Jaki Clark and Casey Cumbow join us to share their journey of adding a design practice into Lessonly‘s well-established engineering and product development groups. As design and engineering leaders, Jaki and Casey share the techniques, practices, and systems that have helped Lessonly level up over the past 18 months.
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BizOps at SEP

You may have heard of BizOps as a business function, but there’s a good chance you aren’t sure exactly what that looks like day-to-day, or specifically how that plays out at a custom software consultancy like SEP. This post will give you a glimpse into what BizOps looks like for us. The History of BizOps […]
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3 Tools to Develop Your Agile Product Strategy

I recently had the opportunity to attend a webinar on agile product strategy given by our Director of Innovation, Chris Shinkle. Here are three tools I took away from the presentation that you can use to develop an agile product strategy that works. The Problem Do any of these situations sound familiar? Your product strategy […]
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3 Tips for Effective Collaboration with Software Engineers

Prior to joining SEP, I’d met maybe 3 software engineers in my life. Stepping into this new company and new industry felt overwhelming, and I had no idea how to approach working with an army of 100 software engineers. I’m now approaching my 1-year anniversary of working at SEP. Looking back on the past 11 […]
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5 Steps to Create a Successful Internship Program

Thinking about starting an internship program at your company? Already have interns and don’t know what to do with them? Here are our best tips to make your internship program successful (and enjoyable!) for both parties. 1. Define Success A question we regularly ask ourselves here at SEP, whether we’re developing an app or planning […]
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