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Person being plucked from team

New Leads Need to be Replaceable

The title I wanted… “New leads will want to have a succession plan in place from day 1 because it’s so much harder to detach yourself from the project if you start thinking about it on day 500” … but it didn’t fit in the character limit, so here we are. Replaceability Replaceable 👏 does […]
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Woman balancing project responsibilities

New Leads Need “Domains of Execution”

Okay, sure the title really needs to be “New leads should totally define a list of clusters of responsibilities that every project has so that they can make sure the project is appropriately supported” …but you get it. What’s a “Domain of Execution”? A domain is some cluster of responsibilities that your project will require […]
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Permission Slip Clip Art

New Leads Need to Give Real-Time Permission

Okay, okay, so the title should really be “New Leads (probably) Need to Practice Real-Time Permission (if they’re still uncomfortable with conflict, especially when a power dynamic is involved)”, but I feel like you get it. Where does “Real-Time Permission” come from? “Real-Time Permission” is a concept I barely acknowledged when I first read Patrick […]
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Radical Candor Quadrants

New Leads Need Self Directed Radical Candor

Hello! If you are new to Radical Candor, check out the concept directly from Kim Scott herself, Radical Candor in 6 minutes I should also mention that the title should really be “new leads who are terrible at thinking on their feet in front of a crowd need self directed radical candor.” It’s just… not […]
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Software team at table

New Leads Need to Prep for Staffing Conversations

One of the things I did terribly as a new lead was participate in staffing conversations for my team. Mainly, I was just unprepared in realizing the scope of what adding or removing a person meant on the distribution of responsibilities that a single team has to balance. In this blog post, you’ll find a […]
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The Bear Kitchen

New Leads Need “That’s Not My Oven!”

If your job was installing an oven in a kitchen, and on the day you do your install the electrician hasn’t installed an electrical socket where the oven’s supposed to go, you wouldn’t run an extension cord just to get your oven to work. You’d tell the foreman you’ll come back when they’re ready for […]
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scrolls on a shelf

New Leads Need The Engagement Chronicle

On the last day of a 20 month-long project, my customer asked me, “Could you give a brief overview of everything you guys have done for us over the last couple of years?” 😅 As a new lead, I hadn’t thought of starting an engagement chronicle until closer to the end of the project. By […]
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Why I cancelled my sprintly manager meeting

… and started meeting weekly instead. (gotchia 😉) Some people enjoy small talk. Some of my closest friends are small-talkers. I have nothing against the small-talkers. I just am totally incapable and – if I’m being honest – a little socially inept since all this quarantining started. Meetings with my manager were always dangerously close […]
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man reading book - Flow

This one’s for you, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi fans

If you’ve read Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, or even if you’ve just seen a diagram like this one and it inspired you to figure out which activities put you in flow… boy, do I have a blog post for you ???? I have to admit I never read the book, […]
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