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Why We Look for Professional Development When Hiring

Let’s start with a situation that’s familiar to me working with SEP as a recruiter. I’ve woken up at five-thirty in the morning so that I can make it to a college campus by seven-thirty. We expect our first student candidates to meet us at eight. We’re a bit early so we need to wait. […]
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What It’s Like To Work at a Software Consultancy

There are several pieces that fit together when it comes to working at a software consultancy. Each of these pieces feeds into a varied and often challenging atmosphere. The answer to specific questions will often be that it depends. How they fit together can change, but the pieces are often the same. Process Let’s start […]
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The Impostor Condition Sucks

I know what you’re thinking: “Hey Zach, I think you meant ‘Impostor Syndrome,’ don’t worry though, we forgive you!” In this case, I really do mean Impostor Condition. I use the term [condition]( to mean: “a particular mode of being of a person or thing; existing state; situation with respect to circumstances.” I’m leading with this […]
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Rotating Title Headers for Tables

One of my co-workers (Jason Giles) and I were recently pairing on the implementation of a table for a client that would allow dynamic addition and removal of rows.  The table would have section headings of rotated titles display across the side of the table.  I will walk through the code that we wrote to […]
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Mistakes Were Made: iOS App in Xamarin

This post is an artifact from my recent participation in an experiment in “learning as a project” (I made that up). I went through the process of adding TouchID to an app in a platform I have never used before (Xamarin). I’ve constructed a list of all the mistakes that I made as I wandered […]
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