Dragging Items in Linked Queries

September 24, 2013

With the launch of SEP TeamWorks’ latest version last Friday, we are showcasing some of the newest features in a series of blog posts.

Previously you could only drag linked work items across states. With the new version of SEP TeamWorks you can drag a linked item, removing the old link to rebuild a new one in its place based on what lane you drop it in. This feature is supported in both Direct Link and Tree Queries.

With Direct Link Queries the card being dragged will be the link broken; to be replaced with an identical card will be created in its new lane.

With Tree Queries the Parent of the dragged card will always be changed to the parent card of the lane in which it is placed. To change the link for a card, simply drag the work item vertically to the row whose parent card you wish to create the new link.  The link to the old parent card will be deleted.