Easily Import and Export Shared Settings

October 15, 2013

Since SEP TeamWorks was launched over a year ago, the most requested feature is the ability to be able to share the way your board looks with other team members.  Users really didn’t like the time and effort required to set up everyone’s board. With the new version of TeamWorks, users can export their settings or import another user’s settings.

Open the options dialog and go to the new share settings option. Here, you can choose to export or import settings. Settings are exported/imported by project, and settings such as state width, state limits, card fields, and more can be shared with another user.

Tip: When you start a new TFS project and have your queries created, use TeamWorks and customize how you want each board to be displayed.  Export your settings and store the file where everyone on your team can access it, or even email it to you entire team.  Within a few minutes, your team will see boards that look identical.