Git Extensions has some sweet new toys…

December 2, 2011

I use Git Extensions on a daily basis.  It is a great git interface for a mouse-lover like myself.

Well, it looks like Git Extensions grew some sweet new toys that take advantage of Windows 7.

If you haven’t played around with some of the advanced features in Windows 7, I highly recommend it.  The JumpLists are probably my favorite new feature.  There are 2 different JumpLists that I use on a regular basis – in the Start Menu, and on the Taskbar.  They reduce context switching, and allow me to do activities quickly.

Here is a snapshot of using the JumpList in the Start Menu…

…it allows you to jump directly to a recently used repository.  Very handy!

Here is a snapshot of using the JumpList in the taskbar…

…it allows me to commit, pull, and push from the taskbar.  This is extra awesome because now I don’t actually have to pull up Git Extensions.  Instead, I just keep it minimized now, and even more out of the way.

Do any tools you use regularly have some cool/awesome/fun features that integrate with your OS?  If so, what feature and how does it impact how you use the tool?