Happy Trails to You…

October 6, 2011

I had an epiphany a few weeks back while reading the BetterWorks Blog. They were listing some companies that had fantastic employee perks. Many of them cool, many of them not necessarily feasible for us. But Clif…they had one that was perfect. Loaner Bikes!

Truly, it makes my heart happy to see people walking down the Monon to grab some lunch.  Sometimes though, Bub’s is just a little too far of a hike for a 1 hour lunch.  Insert Loaner Bikes!  Grab a bike, grab some grub, pedal on back.  Love it.

So, I’m happy to introduce to you our four newest additions.  We have two single-speed bikes (one blue, one pink), a 23″ 21-speed (for you taller folks) and a 21″ 7-speed.  Locks are provided.  There are 2 bikes with baskets for doing a take-out run.  We encourage you to wear a helmet, but bring your own.  Because, well, who wants to share a helmet?

And a many thanks to Laura Terry and Carmel Cyclery who made this whole thing a reality.

Happy trails, friends.  Enjoy.