How do I know if my idea is blog-worthy?

May 19, 2014

We at SEP know blogging is a Good Thing, both personally and for the company (recruiting, business development, etc.). Knowing what to blog about has proven to be challenging. (Really, we did a survey, the #1 response was not knowing what to write about.)

We’ve tried some different things like blog prompts or blog battles, but have had limited success with stickiness and finding long-term impact.

Instead of specific prompts or topics to blog about, here are some guides that I use to successfully generate blog topic ideas:

  • “I got X to work with Y.”
  • “Even though there aren’t any guides/instructions, I was able to configure/setup Z.”
  • “We used Q process on our project, and here is what we learned.”
  • “This is a new/different library/language that I’m working with.”
  • “This is a new/different concept/approach that I want to flesh out.”

In short – “[Do things, write about it]( "Swanson – "Do Thinks, write about it"")“.​