How do you decide!?!

March 7, 2011

Lately I’ve found myself digging deeper into Heuristics. This is FASCINATING to me! I’ve been reading more and more about different ways that humans make decisions, and it continues to amaze me.

Today, I was talking with Chris at work about completely un-related topics, when it occurred to me that I was framing, or “anchoring“, my question and Chris pointed out that he would have asked the question differently (without leading or anchoring to a given bias).  I’ve also noticed what spins, leads, or twists marketing groups include in their commercials to help persuade us to do, believe, or purchase something.

The value in understanding how humans make decisions is incredible, in my opinion.  I continue to see it in my life time and time again.  I plan on learning more about heuristics and use that knowledge to my advantage!

Have you seen any heuristics in your day to day? If so, which ones and how did it realize? What was the outcome?