How to Create & Support a Learning Focus as an Organization

July 2, 2012

In a previous article, I discussed learning as a core “Make or Break” (MOB) for SEP.

By taking up this follow-up topic I must acknowledge the huge body of work around “learning organizations” that already exists in books, seminars, best practices, etc. My thoughts that follow are by no means scholarly.

Previously I pointed out that learning must occur at each “level” in an organization. Each of us must focus on individual learning, making sure that the groups and teams we are on do the same.

The biggest challenges to a CEO in this area are patience and recognizing that some things can’t be pushed top-down. To me it’s like a garden. You till the soil, provide for sun and water and drop some seeds. You can’t make it grow though.

At SEP, we provide a support system, ample opportunity, incentives to encourage, accountability to prod, clear communication of goals, hiring of life-time learners and the freedom of lighter work weeks to pursue areas of professional interest to the individual.

The savvy CEO expertly tends the soil and patiently waits to see the result.