How to use the Outlook Room Finder to schedule meeting

April 30, 2014

As anyone who has tried to find an available conference room here at SEP knows, it can sometimes be a real pain to find one that’s available at the time you need. It usually involved opening your Outlook calendar, looking at the calendars for every conference room at once, and trying to eyeball one that was open at or near the time you needed. Or maybe you’d just send an invite to your favorite conference room and hope it didn’t get rejected. Well, things just got easier. Paul recently enabled an outlook feature called Room Finder which simplifies the process.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create your meeting in Outlook as you normally would.


2.  Select “SEP Conference Rooms” from the Room Finder dropdown.

You never even noticed that control was there, did you?


3. Fill in the time for your meeting.

Watch the Room Finder list respond with what’s available, as well as suggesting alternate times.


4. Pause and wonder how you ever got by without this.