Is your IT project portfolio feeling Bloated?

August 29, 2011

We all live in a world of scarce and limited development resources. (If you don’t call me.) At the same time the pressure to deliver more, and faster is increasing.

We jam ideas into the pipeline looking for resources to perform and often the items all look the same. There is uncertainty. Everything gets back up. The portfolio is “bloated” and that’s exactly how it feels.

There is a lot we can do in the upfront planning and discovery phases to better use our resources.

We need something to digest smaller pieces and not have so much in the pipeline. We also like to have a little slack in the system so it’s not running at full capacity all the time.

SEP has a product envisioning practice that can help in these situations. It serves to break up and soften projects into more digestable pieces while also identifying items that shouldn’t be pursued in the first place. This creates value flow and slack.

How’s this for a marketing slogan:

SEP Envisioning – the laxative for Project Portfolios?