Lean and Kanban in Contracting Environment Video Posted

May 19, 2010

Last month, SEP was involved in planning the Lean Software and Systems Conference in Atlanta. One of the ways we were involved with the event was through the “Leaning Over the Edge” track. SEP’s Development Manager, Chris Shinkle presented on “Lean and Kanban in a Contracting Environment”, which gave SEP the opportunity to show its knowledge on visual controls and how we incorporate those with our client’s projects.

For more information and to view the presentation, please check out the information below:

Kanban practitioners commonly ask two questions: How can I reliably commit to a date using Kanban? and Is there a lack of perceived schedule pressure in Kanban? People in contracting or service environments must often make commitments to clients with specific delivery dates and cost estimates. We will explore how to make target-driven commitments when managing projects with Lean principles. In addition, we will look at ways to utilize those initial estimates to appropriately set team expectations. The session will show how this encourages innovation within the team leading to process improvements. At the same time providing leading indicators of project status without willfully holding to an unrealistic goal. Click Here to View Presentation