Looking Back on the Summer 2017 Intern Experience

August 11, 2017

As the summer wraps up and our summer interns are returning to school, we’ve asked them to reflect on their experiences this summer. Here’s what they have to say:

Adam Tapper: “My summer at SEP was an unforgettable experience. I really enjoyed getting to work in an atmosphere that was fun and professional; the people are definitely what makes SEP an amazing place to work. The team was always eager and willing to help me learn which made me feel comfortable and pushed me to learn as much as I could throughout my time here.”

Christina Shi: “With this being my first internship, and coming in with a very limited software background, I started the summer pretty nervous about my lack of experience.  But everyone at SEP is always willing to help and encouraging of questions, and that helped ease my anxieties and really made this a great experience. I’ve learned so much more than I expected to, and beyond just how to write code. I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to learn that at SEP, surrounded by brilliant, passionate people who care so much about the work that they do and the people they work for and work with.”

Alex Leisring: “My favorite aspect of working at SEP this summer was that we were doing meaningful work for the company. I felt that my work actually generated interest and provided a real benefit to both myself and to SEP. I learned so much about software engineering while working here and could not have had a better experience.”

Judah Doupe:[My favorite part of working at SEP was] the work environment.  I’ve worked at a few other places, and it feels good to be somewhere where I’m excited to come into work each day.I think being able to see the practical application of Agile principles has been the best learning experience for me. A lot of the practices we use on my team are things I had heard about but never applied, and now I’ve gotten to see just how useful they are.

Elliot Yesmunt: “My favorite part of this summer was getting to work on creating a new time entry tool in ReactJS with the team, starting from the ground up. This helped me see how a team here learns a new language or tech stack, with which we previously had little to no experience with.”

Rebecca Keys: “This summer was such a rewarding experience for me at SEP because I was given so much freedom to do work that both helped the teams I was on and also helped me learn new skills along the way. Another aspect of my internship that I loved was the opportunity to work on multiple projects. It helped me learn how to balance my time between projects, and I loved the variety it gave me.”

Maria Nix: “Working at SEP this summer allowed me the to see, work, and learn in a different industry (technology) than I’m used to. Because I was new to this field, I learned the importance of asking questions—whenever I needed—to anyone in the company. Overall, without SEP’s company culture, welcoming employees, and the Scott Adams book club, my internship experience wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable and rewarding as it turned out to be!”

Neil Gupta: “My favorite part about my summer at SEP was being treated like an employee. This meant working with team members who treated the product like it was our own, no matter what their position was. Wherever I lacked experience, my team was there to step in and help fill in the blanks.”

A huge thanks to all of our interns we had the chance to work with this summer! We can’t wait to see everything you achieve in the years to come.