Meet the New SEP Interns

June 19, 2015


Emma Caraher

Software Engineering Intern
School: Purdue
Major: Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
Working On: Web Application to Manage Construction Machinery

When I discovered SEP almost two years ago at the Purdue IR fair, I was really impressed. From what I was told, SEP invested far more into the interns than what I’ve heard from other companies. For example, I loved the idea of the mentoring program and pair programming. Also, being a fan of space-related things, I was really fascinated with the project that “controls tractors from space”! I was so excited that I was assigned to work on that project, but I wasn’t prepared for the best thing (in my opinion) of SEP: the community. Almost as soon as I got here, I felt welcome, heard, and appreciated. SEP basically was my family last year, and I was eager to return to SEP this year.


Evan Meade

Business Intern
School: Butler
Major: Finance

As a business intern this summer, I’ll be working on a variety of different projects within our client relations area. I chose SEP because of its culture. The attention to employee wellbeing and focus on client relationships stuck out in my internship search. During my time at SEP, I want to further develop my professional communication skills and expand my knowledge in regards to business applications.


Joe Coy

Software Engineering Intern
School: Purdue
Major: Computer Science
Working On: Embedded Display to Control Agricultural Machinery

I chose to come back to SEP for a few reasons:

  • SEP truly values learning and teaching. That has been evident every year that I have been here, and that is awesome!
  • The atmosphere is great and the people are inviting and fun to work with!
  • The IT is pretty fantastic.
  • Since I started a few years ago, I always hoped to have a Software Engineering Internship one day!

I want to learn about what it is like to work as a Software Engineer, and also how to be a good one. This is a great chance to find out if this is what I want to do for a living, and also what I need to improve on to do it well!


Kevin Butterfield

Software Engineering Intern
School: IUPUI
Major: Computer Science
Working On: Embedded Display to Control Agricultural Machinery

I chose SEP because it simultaneously is a strong, professional software development company, and a really great place to be. There were other internships at important companies with intelligent people, and there were other internships at fun places, but SEP united the two better than any other. This summer I want to learn how to create software as part of a team on a large project, as opposed to starting from scratch by myself; software engineering instead of simply development. This is also the last summer before I graduate, so I’m evaluating SEP as a potential place to apply for a career position.


Lukasz Zapart

Software Engineering Intern
School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Major: Computer Science
Working On: Medical Equipment Ordering Application

I was impressed by the variety of work, tools, projects as well as technologies available across different teams. It seemed like a great learning environment. Just coming in I wanted to get exposed to working with a team of professional developers using real-world tools on real-world projects. So far I have been able to experience that. My ultimate goal is to be able to consistently contribute value, whether it’s code or insights, to the project and my team.