SEP Matching Public Donations for Typhoon Haiyan Relief

November 12, 2013

Software Engineering Professionals (SEP) is saddened by the destruction and devastation caused by last week’s Super Typhoon Haiyan across the Philippines. As we have in the past, SEP and its employees are doing what they can to help with the efforts of the American Red Cross to bring aid and supplies to those in their time of need.

SEP COO Traci Dossett explains, “We have a culture of giving back and this really rings true in times of both local and global disasters. We’ve successfully raised funds for Hurricane Katrina relief, the victims of the devastating tornados that hit our state in 2012, and several other worthy causes. This is obviously a time of great need.”

Due to the scale of destruction caused by Haiyan SEP is opening their gift-matching program for employees to our friends, family and clients. SEP’s President and CEO Jeff Gilbert thought expanding the program would inspire others to give and provide an even bigger impact. “We know that together we can do more and make a bigger impact,” begins Dossett, “So Jeff had the idea to open it up to the rest of our community. We’re excited to see just how much we can raise.”

All Donation receipts were accepted and received through November 25, 2013.