SEP TeamWorks Turns One

July 1, 2013

Just over a year ago we launched SEP’s first internal project. Created to address the constraints of the physical Kanban board with on-the-go project management, we wanted to share our versatile software solution with the rest of the world in hopes of aiding those with similar issues and a desire to untether themselves from traditional production practices.

Since its release in April 2012, SEP TeamWorks has been downloaded over 1,500 times by global corporations and Fortune 500 companies excited by the capabilities of the free productivity enhancing tool. With its continued improvements and feature additions, SEP TeamWorks is constantly evolving to meet the demands of its users.

By harnessing Team Foundation Server (TFS), SEP TeamWorks allows companies using project management systems to transform their server into an active and cohesive tool while untethering themselves from physical white boards. Companies using Kanban, Lean, Agile and other productivity methods have embraced the versatility and functionality of SEP TeamWorks. SEP TeamWorks relies on the visual cues of Kanban, transforming the white board and sticky note into an interactive digital board. Stickies can be labeled, color coded, and given limits so work is easily tracked across multiple users and projects.

Throughout the past year we have added features in an effort to make SEP TeamWorks a fully customizable tool for all of our users. I’ve been thrilled to see the interest from everyone and look forward to the next year. It’s exciting to see companies in industries such as automotive, healthcare and finance adopting and using TeamWorks.

The greatest strength of SEP TeamWorks is its flexibility. We’re always working to create a more robust and open experience. We’re listening to feedback and addressing what makes most sense with each update. If you have any suggestions for features and improvement, or care to share general feedback, contact me and we’ll talk about the future of SEP TeamWorks.