SEP Test Engineer Scheduled to Speak at Software Conference

October 7, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Carmel, IN — One of SEP’s test engineers, Beth Shaw, has been asked to speak at the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference (GLSEC) at the Prince Conference Center in Grand Rapids, MI on November 17, 2009. The program committee believed that her topic on “TDD Using Agile/Lean” would be a valuable contribution to the conference.

Traditional testing does not add value to a project because it is typically done after coding is completed. Integrating TDD using Agile/ Lean practices into the software development process gives testing a new role. Testing is done to identify design flaws as well as to find bugs before they cause major problems. TDD using Agile/ Lean ensures robust requirements and less refactoring thus shortening the software development life cycle. Attendees will be exposed to testing tools and approaches used by several successful open source projects, long with an opportunity-cost analysis of the choice of tool and timing of tool introduction.

The Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference is the premier software development conference in West Michigan. Covering the diverse practices and technologies that make the best software what it is, from the web to embedded, from management to bit-twiddling, GLSEC is the place to learn about whatʼs happening in the industry today.