“stand-up” meetings are more popular than I thought…

March 10, 2010

I recently came across a post about a “22 minute meeting”.   The claim seems to be that shorter meetings are more productive and efficient.

Most of us here at SEP have already had the “culture shock” of a stand-up meeting.  In my experience it has been a very beneficial way to deliver information and get the entire team together, without completely disrupting any momentum that the team already had.  Most of the time, our meetings were less than 15 minutes!

I really like the fact that this style of meetings is taking off in other industries.  Ideally, our mission states that we are going to create success for our clients…perhaps we could start small by helping them become more efficient.  I think that the biggest improvement in these types of meetings is the lack of distractions…I see lots of people doing OTHER things while we are trying to have meetings – it rarely helps.

At any rate, there is a neat little poster that Nicole Steinbok made to describe this process.