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SEP Selected as a Nominee for TechPoint’s Innovation Mira Award

TechPoint has announced the nominees for its 25th annual Mira Awards, highlighting the most innovative companies, universities, and organizations in Indiana’s tech sector. The awards celebrate achievements across various categories, including the Innovation Partner of the Year. Nominees in this…
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Visual Design for Mobile Apps: meHive Case Study

I don’t often get to share a behind the scenes look at my visual designs, to walk others through the iterations leading up to the version that actually is used. But now that meHive, a relationship management app a team of SEPeers built, has been retired, I thought this would be a good time to […]
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How to Fail Creatively

Every so often I find myself having designer’s block. The inspiration is just not there and my creative magic has been depleted. When faced with this block in the past, I would blindly  throw things against the wall and see what sticks. Often times the result is either off mark, ugly, or unoriginal. So I repeat […]
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