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SEP Named a Winning Company in the 2022 Powderkeg Unvalley Awards

Westfield, IN - January 2022, SEP, a software product design and development firm has been announced as a winning company in the 2022 Powderkeg Unvalley Awards. This recognizes SEP as one of the best tech companies to work for in…
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5 Tools to Help Your Blog Post Shine

I have had blogging conversations around the office a lot lately and I thought it was finally time I wrote some of these tips I share with our engineers down. These are 5 tools to help make your blog posts shine. Hemingway Editor This is definitely my favorite go-to program lately. The HemingwayApp highlights common word problems […]
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How I Dunning-Kruger’d Marketing

I find it easy to rattle off a few marketing ideas for software products. I’ve read enough HackerNews and pop-business books to know the gist of it. Got a product for agile development teams? Why not just run some LinkedIn ads that target scrum masters at software companies? Boom. You are welcome for this brilliant […]
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