My Inaugural Post

August 23, 2009

This being my first blog post, it seems like I should tell people what my blog is about and who I am.  I am a Development Manager at Software Engineering Professionals (SEP). SEP provides managed software services in a variety of industries including products for business, data, and safety critical applications.

I have worked for SEP over 12 years in roles ranging from software engineer to recruiter to development manager. I have experience customizing and fitting process models to many different domains including aerospace, defense, medical, consumer electronics, and automotive. I have used Agile and Lean methods to lead large complex projects, most notably, a military aircraft engine monitoring and maintenance system and FDA regulated remote patient monitoring system. I introduced Agile to SEP in 2004. In 2007, SEP began to adopt Kanban processes under my guidance, as I trained and mentored engineers across the company. Currently, more than 12 different projects are using pull-based approaches with Kanban.

My blog will discuss those things I have learned and continue to learn about applying Lean principles and tactics to the field of software engineering.  I hope that my struggles, ideas, and thoughts will be of use to you.