Using Collaboration to Build a Better Product

June 9, 2022

Building software needs a balance of focusing on the right things, building consistently, and adapting based on feedback. Since lists and plans are squarely within our control it’s easy to fall into simply checking the boxes and completing tasks, a project management mindset. Alternatively, we should focus more on outcomes and how we can use what we learn to improve as we go, a product centric mindset. 

One of the core principles of Agile is responding to change versus following a plan. Our long history of developing software has taught us that you will be happier with the results of your projects when following a product centric approach. In the end you’ll be much closer to what you actually need versus what you thought you might need when you’re just getting started.

Watch this video where I explain how my team made a positive impact on our project by helping our client shift to a product centric mindset.

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