Helping Allegion Deliver Smarter Home Security

We used our 30+ years of embedded expertise to give Allegion a boost to meet important schedule goals. We helped them deliver one of the first Smart Locks on the market to integrate with Apple’s HomeKit technology. Using Bluetooth® Low Energy, we developed a gateway to control the door locks and custom tools for verification and firmware updates.

What We Did

Embedded Development, IoT

Tech Stack

C, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), iOS, DSP, Git, Microchip, Kiel


The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly connected everyday objects to the Internet, creating countless opportunities for innovation. The home security industry is taking advantage of this technology to make homes safer and smarter. Allegion, a leading provider of home security solutions, is harnessing the power of the IoT in their products, such as the Schlage Sense™ system.

Schlage Sense™ is a smart deadbolt system that allows users to control their door lock from their iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® touch. This connectivity makes home access control easier than ever before.

Allegion approached us to help them meet their schedule goals for the Schlage Sense™ system. They needed experienced engineers to develop a gateway that could control door locks using Bluetooth® Low Energy. Allegion was familiar with SEP’s great reputation and history of working in the home security industry.

smart lock on front door


Our team developed custom tools for verification and firmware updates. We also implemented new authentication libraries. A Software Engineer on the project said, “This project was an opportunity for us to implement many of our established practices.” One of these practices is test-driven development (TDD). TDD focuses on developing the test the new product will need to pass before actually building the product. This approach results in higher-quality code and fewer defects.

Our team added, “We helped Allegion by providing them with a tool to help manage tasks and more efficiently run the project. We used Git, which is an open source configuration management tool, and a home-grown ALM tool for work item tracking.”


SEP’s ability to adapt to changes in technology and shifts in the mobile market has had a noticeable impact at Allegion. Michelle Vickrey, Lead Firmware Engineer at Allegion, said, “SEP was very easy to work with on this project. The engineers were knowledgeable on low-level embedded features and provided the customization that we needed, and also brought high-level firmware techniques to the table. Likewise, the Git and ALM tools enabled almost real-time updates and a way of visualizing the project that was highly valuable in a fast-moving project with people in multiple locations. The engineers from SEP worked well with the team and made the experience very pleasant.”

Our team was thrilled to be part of Allegion’s success with this cutting-edge product, making keyless entry more secure and convenient for home owners.

SCHLAGE, and SCHLAGE SENSE are the property of Allegion, All rights reserved.

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HOMEKIT is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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