Modeling manufacturing systems

Always looking to improve efficiency, our Fortune 500 consumer goods client’s engineers regularly model and simulate their manufacturing processes. In order to improve adoption of this practice, they needed a simplified tool to accomplish this analysis.

We created a user-friendly desktop application that helps our client more easily represent these manufacturing processes.

What We Did

Collaborative Product Discovery, Desktop Development, Lean Startup Coaching, Product Management, UX Design, Visual Design

Tech Stack

C#, WPF, DevExpress


A Fortune 500 consumer goods company needed a simplified modeling system to analyze manufacturing processes via simulation. The client was looking to grow their manufacturing modeling community and improve design, troubleshooting, and testing of machinery and materials.

Their existing solution was comprised of three separate software applications that were used for static, dynamic and finite element analysis. Each application had a different user experience and learning curve, requiring a significant investment getting users to the desired level of competence. The three tools did not integrate, which resulted in significant time spent re-entering duplicate data into each system.

Many of the key modeling experts were also nearing retirement so our client also needed a solution to aid in necessary knowledge transfer to the next generation of users. 


After our Collaborative Product Discovery, we constructed a single desktop tool that combined the disparate applications, allowing users to perform static, dynamic, and finite element analysis all in the same solution. 

We created a user experience that more closely matches the Microsoft Office experience that was already familiar to their users, making it easier to pick up the tool.


The modeling solution addresses our client’s need for a tool to grow the community and keeps users at the forefront of new modeling practices. 

By reducing the solution to a single tool with one point of entry, instead of of three, our clients users face less data entry duplication, errors, easier analysis, and less time spent accomplishing the same task. 

The tool enables collaboration that wasn’t possible before, helping to achieve that wider pool of knowledge throughout our client’s organization.

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