Bringing Efficiency to Medical Billing

Our client facilitates 80 million transactions per year for medical practice customers. They engaged us to improve the portal their customers use to pay and receive payment for patient bills.

We designed and built a self-serve web portal that gives customers better insight into their billing workflow and decreases time spent manually processing payments. Our client’s customers love the portal and rave about its usefulness.

What We Did

Software Product Design, Collaborative Product Discovery, Automated Testing, Visual Design, UX Design

Tech Stack

Angular 5,, C#
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The medical billing process is a complex interplay between doctors, hospitals, patients, and insurance companies. Our client facilitates that process for their medical practice customers.

Parts of the billing process are performed manually, so our client engaged SEP to improve a key area of the process: the portal through which their customers pay and receive payment for patient bills. They process 80 million transactions per year, each with hundreds of pieces of data. The new web portal needed to increase automation so that our client’s customers have better insight into their billing workflow and spend less time manually processing payments.

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We started our engagement with a series of Discovery sessions. Together, we distilled the needs of the new portal and built a focused backlog. To determine what parts of the billing process we would focus on, we used activities like event storming. It helped us understand where technology and human interaction bridge together through the process. We also facilitated Design Studios with key subject matter experts several times throughout our engagement. These discussions allowed us to deepen our domain knowledge quickly and ensure we were meeting stakeholder needs. These Design Studios solidified our project motto: improve clarity. Each time we improved clarity, we removed a lot of problems for our client and their customers.

In parallel with Design Studios, we built the portal and spearheaded their automated testing initiative. The self-service portal allows users to log in, see what invoices they need to pay and make payments. We included features like the ability to choose payment method, a streamlined payment approval workflow, efficient searching and tagging, and the ability to add, edit, and remove charges and patients from invoices. All of these features contribute to the “self-serve” design that our client was hoping to achieve for the portal.

The self-serve design for the portal was fit for the user’s context. They might only use the tool once every 30 days, so our design choices had to make it easy for the users to intuitively use the portal each time.


The portal is currently live for our client’s customers. One of their largest customers (and biggest critic) loves the product and raves about its usefulness.

The new portal greatly improves efficiency for our client and its customers. It eliminates parts of the manual, paper-based process that previously took place (and the time it took to send and receive that paper) and the self-serve design has eliminated numerous hours spent working through customer questions and issues.

The portal is also a huge delighter for our client’s customers. It allows our client to provide a valuable service their customers won’t find with other medical billing providers.

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