Finding the keys to better encryption

Our client sought to modernize their encryption key generation and programming device. The existing solution was built on custom hardware and was approaching obsolescence.

We built a modern mobile app with an upgraded user experience. The app runs on an off-the-shelf handheld device, which reduces cost and provides flexibility for future hardware platforms.

What We Did

Mobile Development, UX Design

Tech Stack

.NET Compact, C#, Windows Mobile, TCL


A public safety and military communication equipment manufacturer needed to develop the next iteration of their encryption key generation and programming device.

Problems with the Existing Solution:

  • Existing product, which was built on custom hardware, was approaching obsolescence due to diminishing parts availability
  • New app needed to be able to program numerous legacy products, which required supporting multiple communication interfaces


SEP developed a mobile application to run on an off-the-shelf handheld device. The solution required interfacing and integration with numerous components of the overall public safety system architecture.

Project Highlights:

  • Implemented complex multi-layer communication utilizing standard and proprietary protocols
  • Implemented a touch screen gesture engine for user navigation and interaction
  • Enabled the new app to interface with existing devices
  • Developed USB drivers to communicate with attached custom hardware


Our work together resulted in a significant improvement to the design and usability of the product. The product was built on modern technology as well as an off-the-shelf handheld platform which reduced cost and better supported future hardware platforms options.

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