Managing neonatal patient nutrition

A hospital system NICU lacked adequate tools to gather information about their neonatal patients’ nutritional needs. Critical to evaluating and recommending the proper nutrition plan for at-risk infants, they engaged SEP to develop a software solution.

We created a desktop application to track, analyze, and communicate neonatal nutritional orders among caregivers. The app provides key information needed to make life-saving decisions.


What We Did

Desktop Development, Product Development

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A hospital system NICU lacked adequate support tools to gather information about delivering specific nutritional orders for proper health and weight gain in infant patients. This information was critical to evaluate and recommend the proper nutrition plan for at risk infants.

Problems with the Existing Solution:

  • Complex data existed, but was disparate and not accessible for analysis
  • Caregivers lacked a tool to record nutritional data and monitor trends
  • Communication between caregivers was difficult due to staff rotations


SEP worked directly with physicians, nurses, and nutritional personnel to understand how this application could impact the lives of their patients. After spending time making rounds with the physicians and spending time in the NICU, we designed and built a user centered desktop application to improve tracking of nutritional orders to help caregivers analyze data and make bedside decisions.

Key Features:

  • Nutritional data displayed in a cohesive format
  • Medical personnel could analyze data to make dosing recommendations
  • Provided better and more specialized nutritional care


Through collaboration with the end users, we addressed our client’s need for a tool to help monitor and analyze nutritional dosing thus impacting the lives of infants.

Project Highlights:

  • A single tool to track nutrition of NICU patients
  • User were able to access data and log trends to impact nutritional recommendations
  • The tool has impacted decision making – critical to saving lives

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