Servicing fleets of vehicles

Our Fortune 500 heavy equipment manufacturer client needed software to support diesel engine servicing. We partnered with our client over the course of several years to bring the engine health and maintenance tool to life.

It is a major differentiator for our client, allowing their customers and partners to manage large fleets of engines. The tool gives mechanics key information to identify issues and make targeted repairs.


What We Did

Desktop Development

Tech Stack

C++, COM+


A Fortune 500 heavy equipment manufacturer needed a desktop application to allow its customers and partners to service diesel engines. The application needed to provide detailed analysis, monitoring, and configuration capabilities for a wide variety of product lines. The client also wanted the tool to support management of large fleets of these engines.


SEP developed a desktop application to manage the health and maintenance of engines by collecting comprehensive engine data. The tool serves a number of functions including:

  • Performs detailed diagnostics
  • Collects operating data
  • Allows real-time monitoring
  • Configures engine parameters based on specific or fleet preferences
  • Detailed audit logging of technician activity
  • Collects service data to support other workflows

SEP worked on this application in close collaboration with the customer over the course of four years.


The application, used by thousands of end users managing large fleets of engines, has become a major differentiator for the customer. The tool gives mechanics information to identify and troubleshoot faulty engines as well as diagnose and repair detected issues.

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