Pushing the boundaries with Prysm

Prysm wanted to make their digital workplace more friendly to remote users. Together, we pushed the boundaries of what web browsers can do.

We built a highly interactive HTML5 application that enables real-time desktop synchronization across the web. The new user experience allows for co-browsing, dynamic collaboration, and video streaming. The application complements Prysm’s suite of enterprise collaboration tools and allows teams to work together – any time, anywhere, from any device.


What We Did

Collaborative Product Discovery, Story Mapping, Web Development, Front-end Development

Tech Stack

React, Reflux, PixiJS, C#, SignalR, Docker, AWS


Imagine a flexible work environment that allows distributed teams to interact in real time and work together as effectively as if they were in the same room…

That’s where our client, Prysm, steps in. Prysm provides teams with a digital workplace platform, a place for the real work to happen. They provide large scale, interactive displays and software that allow for real-time, collaborative meeting sessions.

Prysm was looking to expand their digital workplace to make it more friendly to remote users. They teamed up with us to bring its online user experience to life. This web-based application allows a wider customer base to create, edit, and share information in real time.


Together, we pushed the boundaries of what web browsers can do today. We built a highly interactive HTML5 application. The app enables real-time desktop synchronization across the web.

Our team loved implementing the modern user interface to meet the needs of the app’s incredibly interactive features. We used several frameworks, including React, PixiJS, SignalR, and Node, to build a very responsive experience for Prysm’s customers.

Key Features

  • Co-browsing – the ability to share a browser page from within the app
  • Persistent, digital meeting workspaces allowing for dynamic collaboration
  • Real-time, simultaneous creating, sharing, and editing of content by 20+ users from anywhere
  • Easily take snapshots, display desktop screens, and stream video


Prysm’s web-based application is now on the market, complementing the company’s suite of enterprise collaboration tools. Access is now available to all subscribing users. This extension of their digital workplace platform ensures everyone can join the meeting, whether they are on the web or using a mobile device.

Paperless, visual, and personal, the Prysm-powered digital workplace is a collaborative way for teams to work together – any time from any device.

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