Nurturing healthy relationships through technology

Maintaining relationships with business and personal contacts spread across multiple systems is difficult. We built an iOS application that simplifies managing these important connections. Our application allows users to import social media connections, record interactions, group contacts, create push notifications, log notes, and view contacts that need attention. With everything in one user-friendly tool, maintaining and nurturing meaningful relationships has never been easier.


What We Did

Mobile Development, Visual Design

Tech Stack

iOS, Objective C


Multiple business and personal contacts spread across many systems can be difficult to maintain. Remembering whom to contact and when to contact them is key to maintaining healthy and engaging relationships. Managing networks in multiple locations can be cumbersome, leave room for error, and could lead to inconsistencies or missed opportunities.

Key Problems We Needed to Solve:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter contacts were not in once place
  • A top of mind awareness of business contacts was difficult to sustain
  • Large CRM systems required entry of duplicate information already captured in other tools
  • Interaction tracking was potentially inconsistent, inaccurate and complicated across multiple tools


We built an iOS application that allowed users to record interactions with contacts quickly and easily. This solution helps users better manage connections and interactions with professional networks and personal contacts.

Key Features:

  • Import social media connections from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Group individual contacts for easier interaction management
  • Enable push notifications to alert users of current relationship status
  • Track interactions with contacts and alerts user when relationships need nurturing
  • Manage relationships based on perceived importance
  • View a snapshot of contacts that need attention
  • Log notes in contact records for added personalization (things like milestone dates, allergies, children’s names, hobbies, etc)


The application utilizes iOS architecture and includes key iOS features, like drag and drop, to facilitate easier contact grouping and interaction tracking. The ability to log interactions in one application reduces the number of tools needed to maintain and nurture meaningful connections.

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