Using Collaboration to Build a Better Product

What We Did

Collaborative Product Discovery, Web Development, Desktop Development, Front-end Development, Wireframes, Flow Design, Prototypes

Tech Stack

.NET Core, C#, Python, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, RiotJS

A long-time aerospace client asked us to update and optimize an application that we had worked on with them years prior. For this project, they wanted to improve an oil debris analysis system and get it ready to bring to market.

They approached us with a list of requested updates based on user feedback they had received over time. We were able to shift their approach to be product-centric—working together to better understand the problems and then making a plan to solve them.

Through close collaboration and consistent feedback, we were able to update their product with the following features:

  • easier to use and less error-prone with an improved user interface on ScreenFlow
  • combined features to offer a cohesive workflow that reduces the end user’s time on task
  • quicker customization of the product without code changes allowing sales to tailor the product for each of their clients
  • better data visualization with redesigned reports and data tables

We even provided a video demo for our client to use to build internal excitement. They loved it so much that they used it at a trade show to demonstrate the product’s future to potential customers.

Learn more in the video below.

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