Crossing Platforms to Connect Diabetes Data

Our pharmaceutical client needed to connect 30+ diabetes management devices to the web to centralize data storage and management.

The web app we built makes it easier for diabetes patients to view their blood sugar tracking data. It also allows them to share it with their healthcare provider with an improved data transfer process.

What We Did

Desktop Development, Regulated Environment

Tech Stack

WPF/.NET Framework, Xamarin.Mac/Mono, WiX installer framework, git, Cake Build Automation System, Jenkins


A medical device manufacturer needed a web-based system to manage patient data from blood glucose meters and insulin pumps. The previous desktop application ran only on the Windows operating system. Connectivity to the devices is either over IR or USB, requiring a desktop application. The customer needed an updated system to allow centralized management of device data thereby allowing the patient, as well as the health care provider, access to the data.

  • The previous standalone desktop application served only patients using that machine
  • Application required CD installation for each release (a previous requirement for institutions like the VA)
  • Data was not centralized and did not provide doctors a view into the patients’ information
  • There was no macOS solution


SEP built a cross-platform desktop application that allows the user to upload device information to the web. We used Xamarin.Mac, which allowed for the reuse of all Windows.NET C# device connectivity code previously developed for the PC solution. This library provides communication to the full suite of 30+ customer devices. The new application also includes the communication layer responsible for uploading the device data to the cloud.

Key Features:

  • Windows and macOS operating system compatibility
  • Upgrades and downloads occur via a web connection 
  • Custom UI for an enhanced user experience during installation and device uploads
  • Translation support for 35 unique languages, include right-to-left languages
  • System testing performed using FDA-compliant test procedures


SEP developed an application improving data transfer to the centralized management system giving patients an easier way to view their data and share with their healthcare provider. This application provides communications with any of the supported devices, as well as a connection to the web server where the information is eventually stored and managed.

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