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Emerging technologies. Consumer products. Regulated systems. We thrive on the work that others can’t—or won’t—handle. Which means we’re always learning. Always collaborating. And always finding new and better ways to craft what’s next. Check out what we’ve already accomplished.

Industry Expertise

We’ve spent decades working with clients across a wide array of industries—helping them innovate everything from aircraft engines to smart home security. You can rest assured that no matter what space you’re in, we’ve got the technical chops to bring your big ideas to life.

Case Studies

Pushing the Boundaries with Prysm

We teamed up with Prysm to expand their digital workplace application into a responsive, web-based tool.
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Revolutionizing Portable Lab Test Equipment

We designed and developed a touchscreen display for use in a portable, lab-grade mass spectrometer device.
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Optimizing Workforce Efficiency

We reimagined our client's golf course workforce management tool.
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close up of iv drip with patient in the background

Enhancing the Safety of Ambulatory Infusion Pumps

We improved the safety of our client’s ambulatory infusion pump to reduce clinical errors and improve patient outcomes.
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smart lock on front door

Helping Allegion Deliver Smarter Home Security

We helped Allegion deliver one of the first Smart Locks on the market to integrate with Apple’s HomeKit technology.
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Taking Higher Education Sky-High

We partnered with Blackboard to create a new LMS product to better support the higher education market.
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Creating a SaaS solution to improve mobile apps

We designed a web app to aggregate mobile app store reviews and support user-informed product management.
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Visualizing Aircraft Maintenance Data

We helped our client turn historical engine maintenance data into insightful Tableau and PowerBI web visualizations.
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close up of man on laptop in front of crop field

Creating a Powerhouse App for an Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

We created a web app that decreased the time it takes to search, analyze, and display data for tens of thousands of machines by 99%.
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