Behind SEP: Sales

December 15, 2022

We’re doing something a little different for this episode – giving you a peek behind the scenes at SEP. We asked three of our peers at SEP (SEPeers, if you will) to share their perspectives on how we approach sales at SEP. Spoiler alert: we’re a little non-traditional!

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Surya Oruganti

Surya Oruganti, CEO and Founder of Argonaut, explains how his product helps teams automate deployments... and shares a couple of his hot takes.
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Luna Lu

Luna Lu, Founder and CEO of Wavelogix and Acting Head of Civil Engineering at Purdue University, shares how her team is using IoT and AI to advance the concrete industry.
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Brendan Wovchko

Brendan Wovchko, CTO at Ramsey Solutions, shares common problems he sees in product discovery, how his team has matured their product development practice, and how to lead product teams well.
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