Chris Keaney: Vibenomics

September 15, 2021

Anyone who’s built a product or company knows that growth requires making hard decisions. Chris Keaney of Vibenomics joins us to share how his team has navigated tough choices as they evolve. While the specifics are context-dependent, Chris is sure about his overarching strategy: you have to stay laser-focused on your mission and make decisions that will clearly move it forward.

Not only is Vibenomics scaling their business, they’re also blazing the trail for a new industry category. Chris and his team saw the value in the brick and mortar experience and saw a way to create more value in it: digital audio out-of-home advertising. Chris explains this new category and shares how Vibenomics transformed a legacy experience into a dynamic opportunity.

We also explore Vibenomics’ evolution from SaaS to advertising and from self-service to managed services. Chris shares how Vibenomics is adapting to changes in their primary use cases and simplifying a complex process to minimize cognitive load on users.

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