Diana Nolting

August 16, 2021
Some people fall into product management, but other people have to work their way into it. Diana Nolting, VP of Product at SkuVault, joins us for this episode to share what she’s learned from fighting her way into product management.

Diana began her career in journalism, giving her a unique perspective on the world of product. Throughout our conversation, she emphasizes the importance of asking good questions, getting to the “story behind the story,” and building relationships with the people you’re serving. She shares her tips for successful user interviews, her go-to tool in product management.

We also talk about the importance of bringing everyone together to solve problems cross-functionally. Diana shares an analogy that she uses with her team: we’re all rowing together. Continuous conversations and remembering that your team is working toward a unified goal are critical for success in product.

We wrap up with advice from Diana and our co-host, Dave Mathew, for people interested in moving into product management. Dave shares why he believes asking good questions is the key skill for people in product. Diana advises people interested in product to ask questions and be willing to be wrong.

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